Outstanding Service from Start to Finish

At Tillman’s Restaurant Equipment and Supplies, we combine our expertise with your ideas to ensure outstanding service from start to finish. Please read below to find out about our services; remember that you’re always welcome to visit our showroom to view our products or to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members for assistance.

Financing and leasing options available.


Tillman’s Restaurant Equipment and Supplies has a specific department that offers computer-aided design to help you envision how your space will look before purchasing any equipment. We work with all kinds of customers, from restaurants to convenience stores, to make sure their equipment is the right size and type for their specific needs.

Time wasted means money wasted, so we make sure to maximize your time with us. From new construction projects and remodels to equipment replacement, we will ensure your needs are fulfilled promptly and professionally.

To get started, simply meet with one of our friendly salespeople to discuss your ideas. After your consultation, we will provide the following:

• Site Surveys • Layout Design • Photos of Products • Detailed Quote

When needed, we can provide spec sheets for pre-construction or contractors. As always, nothing happens before we get your approval! A successful project can only happen when you’re involved.


After meeting with a general contractor and any necessary sub-contractors, we’ll complete delivery based on the progress of the project. Then, we’ll complete meticulous installation in your remodeled or new space.

Service & Maintenance

At Tillman's Restaurant Equipment and Supplies, many of our customers are repeat customers. That’s because we’re always available for warranty issues, continued service and maintenance, equipment orders, parts replacement and more. For more information about our services or maintenance contracts, please contact us today!